Rapid antigen test:

Citizen test

(§4a TestV)


within 30min


Please bring your

Photo ID



Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

Sat-Sun: 08:00 - 17:00

for € 0.00

Your booking confirmation does NOT have to be printed out!

Citizen testing according to TestV Bund - min. 1x per week free of charge

Testing only possible without symptoms

Not intended for travel / not for travel purpose

Important from 01.07.2022:

Free 0.00 € for groups 1-5 and 8 :

Group 1:
Children 0-5 years

(After presentation: photo ID)

Group 2:
Pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy
or chronically ill who cannot be vaccinated

(After presentation: maternity pass or medical certificate)

Group 3:
Study participants (on corona vaccines) 

(After presentation: confirmation of participation - up to 3 months later)

Group 4:
Infected who want to end quarantine

(After presentation: positive test result of the last 14 days)

Group 5:
Persons according to §4 paragraph 1 sentence 1 number 3 and 4

(After presentation: confirmation e.g. hospital)

Group 8:
People living in the same household with infected people

(After presentation: identity cards with addresses or registration certificates + positive test result)

Own contribution 3.00 € for groups 6-7 :

Group 6:
Either attending an event indoors (on the same day)
or visiting of a person over 60 years (on the same day)
or visiting a person at high risk of severe implication of Covid-19 (on the same day)
(A self-disclosure will be signed on site)

Group 7:
Red message in Corona-Warn-App

(After submission: screenshot to info@corona-frankfurt.com)
self-assessment will be signed on site )

Please bring your photo ID.

Receive test results conveniently by email (approx. 30 minutes after testing)