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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

My rapid test is positive. Can I get a free PCR test now?  

Yes, with us you can carry out a free PCR test for confirmation. It is important that you bring us the positive findings for documentation and billing purposes. If you have tested positive at home with a self-test, you can first have a professionally carried out free antigen test (citizen test) with us and then carry out the PCR test free of charge with the corresponding positive result.  

How can you reach us in urgent cases?

Due to the high number of tests, we can only be reached to a limited extent by telephone. However, you can contact us at any time by email ( ) or via our chat on the website.

Supporting you is our greatest concern, so you can reach us well beyond our opening hours.

What date counts for a test? Collection date or diagnosis date?

It is always the withdrawal date that counts. So when the test was done.

How does the rapid antigen test work?

Antigen tests that detect SARS-CoV-2 protein structures work on a similar principle to pregnancy tests. For this purpose, a sample from a nose and throat swab is placed on a test strip. If the sample contains the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the protein components of the virus react with the test strip and the test strip becomes discolored. The result is available about 30-45 minutes later and a written result will be sent to you by email.

How does the PCR test work ?

PCR testing is a standard method in virus diagnostics that can be automated. To do this, the samples must be transported to a laboratory as quickly as possible after the swab. With the PCR, the genetic material of the virus is amplified to such an extent that it can be detected, even if it is only present in small quantities. The test procedure currently takes about four to five hours. Added to this is the transport time to the laboratory, the preparation time in the laboratory and, if necessary, a waiting time due to a large number of samples.


When should I get tested?

You want clarity as to whether a coronavirus infection is present. You have flu-like symptoms. Before meeting family or friends. Before visiting the hospital or nursing home. You are returning from a risk area or your employer has instructed you to carry out a test.

The incubation period usually lasts 3 days, so that an antigen test using a smear test only makes sense after this.  If necessary, the test should be repeated after 2-5 more days. Accordingly, this rule can be applied to contacts in the past few days.

Please note that a PCR test is required for entry into most countries.


What do I have to do if my Corona-Warn-App sounds an alarm?

It should be noted here: A notification by the Corona-Warn-App does not immediately mean that you have been infected with the virus. The app only tells you that there is a possibility of infection because you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive in the past 14 days. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out a confirmatory, free PCR test - however, a free rapid antigen test (citizen test) would be recommended to provide certainty as to whether you have been infected.



How reliable is the antigen rapid test?

Our Safecare Antigen Test has a sensitivity (accuracy of a positive test) of 97.04% and a specificity (accuracy of a negative test) of 99.44%. It thus meets the legal requirements and can detect or rule out SARS-CoV-2 with a very high degree of probability. In addition, our test has an officially recognized ISO certificate, is listed at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices and can also verify the Omrikon variant.


What happens if my test result is positive?

If your test result is positive, you must go into quarantine at home immediately. Since this is a notifiable disease according to the Infection Protection Act, we must immediately inform the responsible health authority of your test result. The further procedure will then be determined by the health department and contact tracing will be ensured. For diagnostic certainty, it is strongly recommended to have a positive coronavirus antigen test result confirmed by a PCR test. After a positive rapid test result, you can carry out the PCR test with us free of charge.  


How do I get my test result?

It takes about 30 minutes from the start of the test to the result. During this time you do not have to stay with us any longer. Our team will send you the test result of your antigen rapid test conveniently by e-mail, including a confirmation of the results. The test result of the PCR test can be called up via QR code and is also available in PDF format.  


To what extent can I travel or return abroad with a negative test result?

It is very different around the world which proof is required and which Corona regulations apply. It is therefore recommended to contact both the Federal Ministry of Health and the  to inform the Foreign Office. In many cases, a rapid antigen test is just as recognized as a PCR test.


The Federal Ministry of Health has also decided that when returning to Germany from a risk area, a negative PCR or antigen test must be presented at the request of the relevant health authority. This proof can be presented in paper form or digitally and will be made available by us.


From what age can the test be taken?

Children can be tested just as well as infants. For this it is necessary that the legal guardians are present during the test. From the age of 14 years, a performance can be carried out without a legal guardian, provided that the consent of the legal guardians is available (please bring confirmation with you).


Is the rapid antigen test (ART) recognized as virus detection?

Yes, the rapid antigen tests are part of the national testing strategy and a positive result must be reported to the health department in accordance with the Infection Protection Act.  

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