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RT-PCR Tests

Choose from the following RT-PCR options:

- PCR Premium Express - 4 hours

- PCR Express - Same day

- PCR Standard - 24 hours

Type of test

Opening times for test execution

Duration until the result *

Type of swab



Appointment +

RT-PCR Premium Express - 4 hours:



Slot 1:

08:00 - 10:00

Slot 2:

11:00 - 13:00

Slot 3:

15:00 - 17:00


in 4-6 hours

Slot 1:

until 14:00

Slot 2:

until 17:00​

Slot 3:

until 21:00

Nose / throat

Digital test result

with QR code

German English

International Travel +

EU COVID Certificate

("nasopharyngeal swab"/


Cash or credit card

Alternative RT-PCR Tests:

RT-PCR tests...

Our RT-PCR tests are evaluated by our cooperation laboratories using the reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction method.


We offer RT-PCR tests at different prices because we respond to the different needs and thus the speed of the transmission of results. Choose the RT-PCR test that is right for you.


The following data is shown on our test certificates. Our RT-PCR tests are therefore valid for all international travel:

Test Station / Laboratory

Time of testing / swab collection

Test type : RT PCR

Swab method : nasopharyngeal swab

Test Kit / reagent : Mylab Discovery Solutions and Nanjing Vazyme Medical Technology

First and Last Name:

Date of birth



Phone number

ID number




Corona Test Center Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel (Ramada Hotel)

Weserstrasse 17

60329 Frankfurt am Main

Keyword: PCR test, RT-PCR, Frankfurt, Corona test for travel

* You will receive PCR test results in more than 98% of the cases in the specified time. In very rare cases, such as a result that cannot be clearly evaluated, the analysis must be repeated in the laboratory. This can lead to a delay in the transmission of results (however, it is not necessary to take the swab again).

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