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PCR Test + Antigen Rapid Test (Beier COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test - Beier Bioengineering)

Information on the PCR Test


Our PCR tests are evaluated in our cooperation laboratory.

With our PCR Premium Express Test, we have made it possible to provide results on the same day by 15:00 pm. The PCR Express test can be carried out during the week until 13:00 pm and you will receive the result on the same day. For the PCR Standard test, the laboratory usually provides the results within 24 hours approimately 18:00 pm the next day.  

The PCR method for the detection of an acute SARS-CoV-2 infection is based on a cyclical duplication of the genetic information of the virus (polymerase chain reaction - PCR).

The doubling cycle, in which the test signal comes out of the background noise and becomes a specific signal, is called the cycle threshold, also abbreviated to Ct.


The lower this value, the more SARS-CoV-2 genetic information there is in the sample. Accordingly, the test result is to be assessed as "positive".


From a Ct value of over 37, the person affected is most likely no longer or not yet contagious at the time the sample is taken. For this reason, we rate these results as "weakly positive" and refrain from notifying the responsible health department at this point in time.


However, it is recommended to take a new swab in order to evaluate the possible infection process over time in combination with the clinical symptoms.   


Information on the rapid test


Our rapid antigen tests are certified:

Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products:

  • Sensitivity: 96.50%

  • Specificity: 99.70%

The sensitivity of a diagnostic test method indicates the percentage of "sick" patients in which the respective disease is actually recognized by the application of the test, ie a positive test result occurs.

The specificity of a diagnostic test procedure indicates the probability that actually healthy people who do not suffer from the disease in question will also be recognized as healthy in the test (negative test result).  


Appointment / Registration:

You can book an appointment online and complete the registration in advance

-  so you save even more time!


The processes are efficiently defined

- therefore there are no waiting times!

Test procedure:

Our concept is to avoid unnecessary waiting times, to keep the length of stay in the test center short and to make your test results available to you as quickly as possible.

You can easily reach our Corona Test Center in Frankfurt city center (Bahnhofsviertel). The ALL-INN Hotel Frankfurt is located at Weserstraße 17.


Our premises are both  winterproof, as well barrier-free!


  • Come by during our opening hours (Mon-Fri 08:00 am to 17:00 pm / Sat + Sun 08:00 am to 17:00 pm)

  • Submit your information online in advance of the appointment. You can also do this on site. 

  • It is both a cash payment  as well as a prior online payment possible;  an ATM is right next to the hotel, a savings bank is on the opposite side of the road)


  • Wear a mouth and nose covering at all times 

  • Keep the recommended minimum distances of> 1.5 m

  • Please follow the instructions from our service staff  


  • Our team of doctors and medical specialists on site carry out a throat and / or nasal swab

  • The smear itself takes less than 2 minutes


  • You can leave the hotel immediately after the test. 

  • You will receive the rapid antigen test result  conveniently by email within 30 min.

  • The result of the PCR test is provided by our cooperation laboratory and can be retrieved via the QR code which you have recieved on site.

  • If you do not have an email address, you can of course use your personal test number to collect the result

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